Frictionless Ramp Problems (No F=ma)

Gravity Components On A Ramp

If you only watch ONE ramp video (like your test starts in 15 minutes), this is the one to watch. Why? Because the most common and most damaging mistake I see students make on ramp problems is to mess up the components of gravity. That part where you draw a right triangle under the object which allows you to break up gravity into its X & Y components. So watch this video all the way through, and work the problems with me!

Kinematic Ramp Problems Without Friction: g=a⋅sinΘ

This video covers kinematic ramp problems (no friction, no F=ma), where you have to do things like solve for how long it takes for a crate to slide down a frictionless ramp, or figure out how fast a skier is going after they've gone down a particular mountain.

Common Trick Ramp Question: Ramp vs Freefall

This video covers a very particular type of ramp problem which you will definitely see at some point in the kinematics chapter, a question which you have perhaps pondered yourself while sitting in lecture: A steep ramp has more acceleration than a shallow one, but do you end up going faster at the bottom? Watch this video and you'll never look at the X Games the same way again.