In addition to explaining what torque means and how to calculate it, in these videos we also endeavor to explore torque through the existential lens of the 1980's classic noir/action comedy thriller "Over The Top", a film exploring professional arm wrestling and truck driving (yes, both truck driving AND arm wrestling) through a family story involving a young boy and his estranged father. This masterpiece stars Sylvester Stallone, whom many of you young punks won't know is the star of Rocky, another movie you may not know.

Torque Is Twist

This video explains what torque is in general terms and also utilizes a few illustrative examples - one of which may be the classic film "Over The Top" - to explain where torque comes from and explain generally how we'll use it in physics class.

Basic Torque Calculations (T=F˙r)

In this video we temporarily set aside our discussions of classic film in favor of doing some actual physics problems involving torque. We calculate the torque when we're given a force, and we also do the opposite where you calculate a force generated by a torque.

Moment vs Moment of Inertia vs Torque

This video is a really quick explainer on the difference between these terms, which are either synonyms or sound like they should be.

Right Hand Rule for Torque

This video makes almost no mention of the 70's cult classic "Over The Top," instead focusing almost entirely on how to use your right hand to figure out if a particular torque should be positive or negative, for the purposes of being able to add them up and/or cancel them out when calculating net torque. Oh, I'm sorry, "Over The Top" is actually from the 80's, I'll try to remember to go back and edit that earlier sentence later. The last thing you want to do on a physics website is to make a factually erroneous reference to what may or may not be a great film, obviously.