Distribution & Combining Like Terms

Adding Polynomials (a.k.a. Combining Like Terms)

Though we've come across "combining like terms" in previous chapters a bit, in this video they get a whole video to themselves to show you exactly what it's about, because it's almost always going to be the next step after distribution (the next two videos).

Distribution (a.k.a. "multiplying stuff out")

Also called the "distributive property", distribution refers to the situation when a number or variable is placed in front of parentheses, thus multiplied by whatever is in the parentheses. In this video we start with the basic ones, like 2(x+4), but we go up from there, simplifying expressions with multiple sets of parentheses and nested parentheses. I also show you how to avoid the most common error students typically make on these problems.

Solving Equations With Distribution

In this video we work distribution problems similar to the last video with all the parentheses, except in this video the problems have equals signs as well, which means we can solve for the variable! But only after multiplying it out, combining like terms, then doing everything else we did in the solving basic equations chapter.