Intro to Exponents & Exponent Rules

In the videos below we'll get into exponents at an introductory level, i.e. no variables. If your in a more advanced chapter and learning the rules of combining exponents of variables and like bases, check out the later Algebra 2 chapter about Exponent Rules & Canceling.

Intro to Exponents

In this video we'll introduce the concept of exponents, and how to work them out, or "evaluate" them. We'll also hit the special cases of exponents of 0 and 1. Hint: absolutely anything raised to the 0 power is 1! Weird, but there it is.

Exponent Rules, Like Bases, & Negative Exponents

Here we'll get into some more advanced exponent moves, like combining exponents when like bases are multiplied or divided. We'll also get into what used to be a strictly Algebra 2 topic -- negative exponents -- but which is now in the California Standards for Pre-Algebra!