Order of Operations (PEMDAS)

In this chapter we introduce order of operations only using numbers. However, this concept will continue to come up throughout every other class in Pre-Algebra and Algebra because it's the basis of everything Algebra is about.

Intro to PEMDAS

In this video we'll introduce the concept of order of operations, explain what the heck PEMDAS is and how to use it, and work tons of examples evaluating expressions with this thing. We'll also cover tricky areas such as exponents of negative numbers, what to do about nested parentheses (parentheses within parentheses and brackets), and how fractions are PEMDAS in disguise.

PEMDAS On Your Calculator

The good news is that your calculator knows PEMDAS. The bad news? Your calculator knows PEMDAS. The problem is that because your calculator knows PEMDAS, you’ll take it for granted that it knows PEMDAS, so you'll let your guard down and get burned by the exceptions I explain in this video. So, look out for the common calculator PEMDAS errors in this video: exponents, fractions, and why you should always use the EE button for Scientific Notation.