Roots & Radicals

If you're in Pre-Algebra or Algebra, the first two videos below should be enough to cover you for your class, so feel free to skip the rest of the videos below. However, if you have a tough teacher (it seems like they're getting tougher all the time), and you have to know how to rationalize denominators and deal with variables under the root, then you'll need our Algebra 2 Roots & Radicals page.

Simplifying Roots & Radicals

This video starts things off on the right foot with square roots, demonstrating the easiest and hardest-to-mess-up method for simplifying radicals, which is where we try and get the smallest number under the root as possible.

Prime Numbers, Factors & Factorization (free)

In this video I get into what prime numbers are, and how to do a prime factorization, all of which will be key when you're working on simplifying roots and fractions in later chapters. Also just two reminders: 1) one is not a prime number, since most people forget that, and 2) memorize your times tables!