Venn Diagrams

Intro to Venn Diagrams

This video covers the basic two-circle Venn diagrams and shows you how to draw them for intersections, unions, and subsets.

Venn Diagrams with Numbers

This video covers the type of Venn Diagram question where each region of the diagram contains a number which represents how many people fall into that category, such as by liking chocolate or vanilla or both. This is a Common Core question that can also show up on the SAT, so get ready to think logically!

Venn Diagrams with Complements

Complements are that little ' symbol you sometimes see next to a set, which means "everything else" or "not". When you see one in a Venn Diagram problem, it basically turns the whole thing inside out.

Tough 3-Way Venn Diagrams

This video covers Venn Diagrams where there are up to three different circles, with complements and universes and everything else that makes Venn diagrams so fun. These are pretty hard, so if you haven't seen this in class or your text book, feel free to skip this one!