Rate Laws & Reaction Kinetics

Factors Affecting Reaction Rate

This video covers the reaction rate concepts and principles you'll need to know for multiple-guess, essay questions and lab reports. We'll cover the four factors that influence reaction rate, and I'll explain in "normal people language" why it makes sense that these factors would affect rate. (hint: it's all about the collisions)

Determining Reaction Rate From Graph

The first of the three types of reaction rate problems most teachers make you do. In this video, we'll see how taking the slope of a graph gives you the reaction rate, and how this slope changes with time.

Reaction Rate Using Stoichiometry

Stoichiometry: is there anything it can't do? I know, you probably ask yourself that every day. Well, this video is only going to grow your already unfathomable appreciation for stoichiometry by showing that if you know the rate of change of creation/depletion of one compound in a reaction, you can figure out the rates for all the other compounds. I just blew your mind, right?

Rate Laws

These are really similar to equilibrium constants and ICE tables, and that's a good thing. Once again, they're using the word "law" to refer to what everyone else would just call a formula. Stuff in brackets. A big table that will help you figure out the exponents for everything. And there won't even be any x's.