Sig Figs & Rounding

How To Round Decimals

Whether you're in pre-algebra or College Chemistry, rounding decimals is something that you can't afford to mess up. So if you have trouble with this, in this video I'll show you the sure-fire way to not mess up, and how to avoid the most common mistake I see.

How Many Sig Figs Does This Number Have

The whole point of this Sig Fig stuff is to be able to state your answers to the appropriate accuracy, or significant figures. But before you can do that, you've got to be able to tell how many sig figs are in the number to begin with! These are their stories.

Rounding Decimals to Proper Sig Figs

Let's put it all together and use our decimal rounding skills to round decimals to the appropriate number of sig figs! How are you supposed to know what the appropriate number of sig figs is? That's the next video.

How Many Sig Figs Should My Answer Have

In this video we'll perfect the art of figuring out how many sig figs you're supposed to put in your answer. It's up to you to remember to do this on EVERY PROBLEM you do for the rest of the year if you don't want to get a C. (I know I'm gonna get some email for this, but you should just assume your chem teacher is mean and plan to execute flawless sig figs accordingly.)

Accuracy vs Precision

Not a terribly difficult or important topic, but I made this video because every single chem teacher in the world seems to put this as a multiple choice or short-answer question on their Sig Figs test. So it's worth knowing.