Solubility Rules & Net Ionic Equations

Solubility Rules

Your teacher either has you using a "chart" or "rules" to determine the solubility of ionic compounds (in other words, how to find whether it is aqueous or a precipitate), but either way, you're probably still confused by what the heck this means. So we'll go through both methods and work some examples, and as usual I'll implore you to find out from your teacher how it will be covered on the test.

Net Ionic Equations

These problems seem pretty crazy and algebra-ish when you first see them: ions going every which way, stuff getting canceled from both sides of the equation. I ain't gonna lie, these can get crazy. But as long as you follow these same simple steps each and every time, they start not seeming so bad.

Net Ionic Equations Special Situations

In the last video we covered everything you'll need to know for most net ionic equatio problems. But there are a couple exceptions you have to look out for -- acids/bases and carbonate, mostly -- which can catch you unawares if you don't catch them first.