Boxplots & Inter-Quartile Range

Intro to Boxplots

This is a quick video which explains all the vocab of box-and-whisker diagrams: whiskers, boxes, fences, outliers, etc. A good place to start!

Boxplots On Your Calculator

Hey, who doesn't like to use their calculator to do their Stats homework?! The usual caveats apply of course -- window settings, x-scl, understanding what the heck your calculator is going -- but whether you're doing regular box-and-whisker diagrams or the fancy "modified" version, your TI is there for you.

Interquartile Range (IQR)

There are lots of ways to define what an outlier is, other than a "way out there". This video introduces the boxplot version -- using the inter-quartile range (IQR) -- which is unique in that you don't need a histogram or standard deviation to do it.

Modified Boxplot

Outliers got your whiskers looking a little long? Afraid the fences are getting too far out? Modified boxplots to the rescue, where you shorten up your whiskers and instead plot the outliers as dots out on the periphery.