How To Interpret A Linear Correlation Coefficient

Linear correlation is the basis for a lot of chapters coming up, so before we jump in, it's really important to get a good grounding of what the heck r is, why it goes from -1 to 1, and the unexpected situations that may result in a value of 0.

Linear Correlation Coefficients On Your Calculator

WARNING: before your calculator will spit out values for r and r2, you have to turn on "diagnostic mode". It's a setting deep in your calculator. This video explains how to do that, then once you do r is a piece of cake.

Correlation Coefficient Hypothesis Tests

This video explains how to test whether your data has statistically significant linear correlation, by using yet another t-value formula to generate a t-value based on r, which you can then test against critical values.

Linear Correlation Test On Your Calculator

Rather than plug r into a formula to get a t-value, you can instead do a full hypothesis test of your data without even touching paper. Pretty sweet!