How to Read Continuous Distribution Curves (Density Curves)

How to Read Continuous Distribution Curves (Density Curves)

This video introduces the basics of what you're supposed to know about every continuous distribution curve: How to interpret area as probability, the one thing that all continuous distributions have in common, and the common confusion that can come from looking at the y-coordinate as a probability.

Uniform Probability Distributions (Continuous)

We've seen uniform distributions before, in their discrete form, but now we'll get their continuous form, which can be a bit more confusing than a roll of the dice. A common example: if a bus arrives every 10 minutes, your wait time is equally likely to be any random time between zero and 10 minutes.

Continuous vs Discrete Probability Histograms

This video is really short, just to clear up a few of the most common questions about discrete and continuous probability histograms (graphs).