Other Plots & Graphs

Stemplots (Stem-and-Leaf Plots)

These are funky because it's not completely obvious why they even exist. Like who cooked them up? I'm sure they're very useful in some particular field of science or engineering, but not in anything I've ever seen, and you can't do them on a calculator, so bummer.

Bar Graphs

You've been seeing these since early grade school, and not much has changed in all those years except that... Well, not much has changed.

Pareto Charts

Pareto charts are just a subset of bar graphs: same great categorical data, arranged in a different order for maximum readability!

Frequency Polygons

Very similar to a line graph, these are actually a type of graph that you come across a lot on the internet if you ever read articles about political polls, economic data, health news, etc.

Deceptive & Misleading Graphing Technique

Calling it "technique" makes it sound like deceiving people is something you should learn how to do in stats class. But if you can't do it, you won't be able to spot it either, and this is probably going to be on at least one test question about graphing!