Sampling Distributions (xbar, phat)

Sampling Distribution vs Sample Distribution

This video explains what a sampling distribution is (distribution of sample means and variances), how it's different from a sample distribution (without the -ing), and gives you a taste of what the central limit theorem is going to be all about.

Sampling Distribution Vocab

This video goes through all the symbols you can see in the thumbnail to the right -- phat (pronounced pee-hat), standard error, etc -- explaining what they mean and also what they're called, to help you figure out what terms to look for to find more videos about each one.

Standard Error

This is that symbol that looks like it should be called the "standard deviation of the distribution of sample means which you use to find the z-value of a sample mean relative to its sampling distribution of the means." Maybe "standard error" was just shorter?

Finite Population Adjustment for Standard Error

Usually when you're working with sampling distributions, you assume that the population (N) is very large compared to the sample size (n). But sometimes you'll see problems where they tell you the population size, and it's small, so keep an eye out because you'll need to "adjust" the standard error with the formula in the thumbnail.