Sampling Methods

Simple Random Sampling

Different from plain-old-normal random sampling (in ways that don't really matter). This video puts the simple in simple random sampling.

Convenience Sampling

This is one of those rare math terms where they tell you what it is just so they can tell you not to do it. What example did I pick to illustrate this point? A bunch of science projects from my kids' elementary school! Enjoy.

Sampling With or Without Replacement

If you're in the habit of deriving and proving statistical formulas in your spare time, then you're definitely going to want to watch someone else's replacement video, since I'm basically going the other direction with it. "With replacement" is the boilerplate of intro stats!

Stratified vs Cluster Sampling

Stratified vs cluster sampling is a common confusion, so that's why I made sure to put them in the same video to confuse you further. Scratch that, I meant "clearly explain the difference". You knew what I meant.

Systematic Sampling

Random sampling sounds good on paper, and in medical studies. But in the real world, it's way easier to use systematic sampling to grab a sample that's almost as good as random.