The Student t-Distribution

Student t-Distribution

This video explains a few of the things you're supposed to know about the Student t-Distribution, including the strange fact that it has a different shape depending on your sample size (a.k.a. "degrees of freedom", a.k.a. "df").

Student t-Distribution Table

This video explains how to look up critical t-values on the t-distribution table. You'd think it would be crazy because the numbers are all different depending on degrees of freedom (df), but unlike z-values, the t-value table only covers the most common values you would need for various levels of confidence -- 90%, 95%, 99%, etc -- so it ends up being pretty manageable.

t-Values On Your Calculator

Just like with z-values, your calculator has a few different functions that can replace looking up values in a table. But these ones don't quite do the work for you the way the normal distribution functions do.