The Periodic Table

Overview of Groups, Families & Brinklehoff (BrINClHOF)

Halogens, Alkalai Metals, Alkaline Earth Metals, Transition Metals, and Noble Gases: these are all annoying names you'll memorize over the next month whether you want to or not. One thing you will want to memorize, because you'll lose so many points if you don't, is BrINClHOF, the popular acronym for the diatomic gases! Yay!

Guessing Ions From Periodic Table

"Guessing" isn't quite the right word. More like "know". Once again, this is something that you're going to have to learn by next week anyways, so might as well do it BEFORE the test so that... Well, you don't get points for learning something AFTER the test, do we.