Polar Coordinates

Plotting Points in Polar Coordinates

You may think you already know how to plot polar coordinates, but this video covers the subtleties which can mess you up later, such as what to do with negative r's, and the wacky fact that lots of different-looking coordinates can actually all refer to the same point.

Polar Coordinates On Your Calculator

Students often have trouble with graphing on their calculators, and it's even harder with polar coordinates. So in this short video I show you a few pitfalls to avoid, especially getting that window size set right so that things that are round look round.

Plotting Polar Functions by Plug-and-Chug

Plotting polar graphs is obviously a lot easier when you have everything memorized and practiced. But what if you don't have them quite memorized, or the one on the test is confusing? Start plugging in angles, getting points, and connecting the dots!

Converting Points Between Polar & Cartesian

This is basically a review of a particular type of unit circle problem, but it's a good first step in learning to convert equations between x-y coordinates and polar. Don't forget to check your quadrant!

Converting Polar & X-Y Equations

This video covers the tricks you'll need to convert Cartesian equations to Polar, and vice versa.

Polar Graphs You Should Memorize

Not every teacher makes you memorize these, but if you have to graph polar equations on a quiz or test, it will help you a lot to have these committed to memory. Limacons, cardoids, flowers, petals, even vs odd... If you know the simple patterns to spot, you too can set the curve on your next trig quiz.