Projectile Motion

This is really a physics topic, but it shows up in precalc and calculus sometimes, and it uses trig, so who knows. You'll probably see this in math at some point in your career.

One-Dimensional Gravity Problems

In this first video we'll cover problems where an object is either getting dropped, or thrown straight up or straight down. Thus the "one dimension" we're talking about is vertical, and the problems will ask things like "How far does the object fall in 5 seconds" and "What is the max height the ball reaches" and "What if the ball is dropped on the moon where gravity is less." The next video covers two-dimensional projectile problems, where the object follows a parabolic arc.

Two-Dimensional Projectile Problems

You'll definitely want to watch the one-dimensional video before this first, if you haven't already. This video expands on that one, showing you how to break a velocity vector into its horizontal and vertical components. Once the problem is split into X and Y, you basically work the two halves of the problem separately, solving one half for time (t) and then plugging that back into the other half to get the final answer.