Sample Physics Videos

One Step Unit Conversion Problems

This video demonstrates a ton of basic unit conversion problems -- kilograms to grams, meters to millimeters, years to days -- as well as some funky word problems. What all these problems have in common is that only one conversion factor is needed to get the answer.

Two-Dimensional Projectile Problems

You'll definitely want to watch the one-dimensional video before this first, if you haven't already. This video expands on that one, showing you how to break a velocity vector into its horizontal and vertical components. Once the problem is split into X and Y, you basically work the two halves of the problem separately, solving one half for time (t) and then plugging that back into the other half to get the final answer.

What the heck is work?

This video is a bookend for the first one. Only this one is even better because it doesn't have numbers! Don't let that fool you, though, this video helps you figure out some of the peculiar vocabulary of work problems. Classic questions will be answered, such as "How can work be negative," and "what the heck is the difference between doing work and getting worked on, and why did I lose five points over it?"