Cross Multiplication vs Cross Canceling

Cross Canceling, covered in the Fractions & Mixed Numbers chapter, is used when multiplying fractions. Cross Multiplication, covered below, involves multiplying fractions. So it would seem like they're probably interchangeable, right? Nope! If you use one rather than the other, you're hosed! And they're easy to mix up, too, as I've seen struggling students use them interchangeably many times. The videos below explain them both, and hopefully will stop you from ever mixing them up on a test!

Cross Multiplication

This is a pretty basic skill that you'll lose a lot in your math career, including Ratios, Percents, and Similar Triangles. Luckily, it's pretty easy to remember and use, with the exception of it sounding a lot like Cross Canceling, which is completely different yet has a very similar name. That's the subject of the next video.

Cross Canceling vs Cross Multiplying (free)

Time to clear up the confusion on these two once and for all! Not sure why cross canceling (cancelling if you're European) had to get that name, since it really causes a lot of confusion with cross multiplication, and since if you do one when you should do the other, you'll get the question totally wrong. But hey, every book and teacher calls these things by these same confusing names, so hopefully this video will help!