Frequency Tables

Frequency Table Vocab

This video covers some of the terms you'll need for frequency table problems (and distributions as well) such as: upper class limits, lower class limits, class boundaries, class midpoints, and class widths.

How To Draw A Frequency Table

In this video we get into the nitty gritty of creating frequency tables. And there's plenty to go over, including the subtleties of how to select the number of classes and class width, as well as the one thing you absolutely never do when you cook these things up.

Relative Frequency Tables

Once you already know how to rock frequency tables, the "relative" variety is just the type where the frequency column contains percentages or proportions rather than raw data, just to make it easier to digest for your reader.

Cumulative Frequency Distribution

Yet another take on the glory which is frequency tables, this variety is useful in certain types of data. This video shows you how to convert a plain old frequency table into a shiny & new cumulative version.

Calculating Mean From Frequency Table

This is a type of problem that's specific to Statistics class: being asked to find the mean of a data set when you don't actually have the data set, just a table with ranges on it. No problem, it's a straightforward step-by-step process to make this calculation, so let's get started!

Calculating Median From Frequency Table

Another fun frequency table problem type: being asked to find the median when you don't have anything to go from other than a frequency table.