Stats On Your Calculator

Overview of Stats On Calculators

This video covers all the menus and data-entry button-presses you'll need to handle basic statistics calculations and graphs on your calculator. Later videos cover the minutia of setting the right window, entering data, and avoiding common mistakes.

Entering Stats Data Into Calculator

This video shows you how to enter statistics data -- such as that long series of numbers given to you in a typical stats problem -- into your TI-83 or TI-84 calculator's tables so that you can take advantage of its graphing and data-crunching abilities.

Calculator Window & Zoom Settings

You may not realize this, but the "window" and "zoom" buttons are the most misunderstood buttons on your calculator, and they lead to 90% of the errors and frustration that students have with TI-83 & TI-84 calculators. This video shows you how to nail them, which is especially important in statistics since stats graphs seem to have the most confusing settings: Xscl, Yscl, etc.

Common Calculator Mistakes

This video focuses on stats specifically, but some of the errors are applicable for other math classes as well: setting the window size correctly, how to deal with syntax errors and other uninformative error screens, not mixing up your minus signs.

Histograms On Your Calculator

Now that you're already a master of drawing histograms by hand, we'll show you how you'll actually do them: on a calculator.