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Chris is a Stanford-educated tutor with over 10 years experience tutoring math to students of all abilities and levels, from pre-algebra and middle school all the way through college algebra, calculus and the SAT. In that time he got a lot of experience learning how to explain this stuff in a way it actually makes sense to normal people, and he brings that experience to his videos, whether you are in class now or preparing for CSET Math.

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How to prep for CSET Math using ThatTutorGuy.com -- The table below contains a list of all the topics you'll find on the CSET Math test. In the right-hand column of the table are links to all the videos on our site that you'll want to watch to cover those topics.

California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET): Math

About the test: There are 3 CSET sub-tests for Mathematics: Subtest I, Subtest II, and Subtest III. The tests are administered by Pearson. You must pass all three for credentialing but take only one at a time for each test session.
Subtest I
Algebraic Structures SMR 1.1 Introduction to Variables & Expressions Solving Basic Equations Distribution & Combining Like Terms Solving Absolute Value Equations Absolute Value Inequalities Solving "Linear" Inequalities
Polynomial Equations and Inequalities SMR 1.2 Polynomial Graphs: Zeros, Multiplicity & End Behavior Adding Polynomials Finding Rational Roots of Polynomials "FOIL" (First Inside Outside Last) Methods of Factoring
Writing Linear Functions SMR 1.2 Point-Slope Form: y-y1=m(x-x1) Standard Form of a Line: Ax+By=C Equations of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines Scatter Plots
Functions SMR 1.3 The X-Y Plane Lines & Equations of Lines Intro to Functions - Domain, Range & Inverse Intro to Graphing Transformations Library Functions
Linear Algebra SMR 1.4 Solving Systems of Equations Matrices
Subtest II
Parallelism and Euclidean Geometry G 1.1 Angle and Segment Bisectors Congruent Triangles--SSS, SAS, AAS, ASA, H-L Parallel Lines & Transversals
Plane Euclidean Geometry G 1.2 Basic X-Y Graphs Distance & Midpoint Formulas Similar Triangles Pythagorean Theorem Congruent Triangles--SSS, SAS, AAS, ASA, H-L
Triangle Ratios G 1.3 Intro to Trig - SohCahToa "Special" Triangles -- 30-60-90 & 45-45-90 Trig Proofs & Identities: 3 Tricks to Make Them Easier
Three-Dimensional Geometry G 1.4 Parallelograms Rectangles, Squares, Kites & Rhombuses Trapezoids
Transformational Geometry G 1.4 Transformations, Reflections, Isometry & Mapping Isosceles & Equilateral Triangle Theorems, Converses & Corollaries
Statistics and Probability G 1.5, G 1.6 Lots of Probability Vocab Permutations Tricky Permutation Problems Lots of Statistics Vocab Binomial Probability Distribution Vocab Mutually Exclusive (Disjoint) Events Vocab
Subtest III
Trigonometry T&C 1.1 Intro to Trig - SohCahToa "Special" Triangles -- 30-60-90 & 45-45-90 Secant, Co-Secant, and Co-Tangent: the "other three" trig functions The Unit Circle Radians Graphing Sine & Cosine Graphing Tangent, Cotangent, Secant & Co-Secant
Limits and Continuity T&C 1.2 Intro to Limits Continuity One-Sided Limits Limits of Rational Functions Limits at Infinity & Horizontal Asymptotes Limit Definition of Derivative Limit Properties
Derivatives and Applications T&C 1.3 The Equation Of A Tangent Line Basic Derivative Formulas (no Chain Rule) Product & Quotient Rules The Chain Rule Implicit Differentiation Mean Value & Rolle's Theorem L'Hopital's Rule Newton's Method of Approximation Optimization Word Problems Maxima, Minima, & "First Derivative Test
Integrals and Applications T&C 1.4 Intro to Integration & Anti-Derivatives Definite Integrals Integration with U-Substitution Average Value & Mean Value Theorem Fundamental Theorem(s) of Calculus Area Between Curves Volume: Disks, Washers & Shells Improper Integrals Integration By Parts Arc Length & Surface Area
Sequences and Series T&C 1.5 Sequences & Series Series Convergence & Divergence Taylor & Maclaurin Series Power Series
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